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Million Dollar Wristband

I received a paper coupon for a business I really wanted to try. I put the coupon in my purse for later, when I would be ready to use it. A few days had gone by and the coupon was getting dirty, wrinkled and ripped from everything else that was going in and out of my purse. I ended up throwing it away, even though I still wanted to use it. It made me think how much paper actually gets waisted when it comes to marketing for a business. That's when we thought of the Million Dollar Wristband.

If you come across one of these wristbands you can bring it in to Bodys & Jewelry and receive $10 off a piercing or any 14K gold piece of jewelry. After a customer returns their wristband, we take the used ones and sterilize them in our autoclave to re-market for more discounts! We call this method Recycle Marketing. We believe that our trees are worth more than a million dollars and we want do our part to help our planet. Good for the earth, good for us and good for you!

Not valid with any other discount. 1 wristband per person.

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