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Being You Is Beautiful

Bodys & Jewelry believes in individual self-expression. In a world where there is so much judgement, it is the one's who aren't scared to be themselves that thrive. There is a person in all of us that is unlike any other and that person should be cherished. Once we all start to look and act the same, we begin to lose our culture, freedom of expression, and our sense of purpose.

Our goal is to make sure individuality is being expressed. Every person has a story and we don't want them to hide it from the world. We don't want people trying to look like everyone else, we support expressing your true character. Remind yourself, that who you are is exactly who you are supposed to be and that... being you is what's beautiful.


Watch Our Customers Share Their Story

Terra Lynch

Author of Mom, What Happened To Her?


Being The Best

Bodys & Jewelry is a piercing studio based around safety and knowledge. Piercing shops always seem to be associated with another industry and I wanted to have a place where it was all about piercing. I've experienced too many people come to me with infected, crooked or swollen piercings that were not done properly. I believe this happens from lack of care to obtain more knowledge about how to do piercings right.

As an owner it is my promise to take each client and make sure they are not only in love with their piercing but free from infection. With each piercing experience we make sure to learn more about how to become the top experts in our industry.

Why We Use Titanium

Bodys & Jewelry uses Hypoallergenic Implant Grade Titanium Jewelry with every piercing. Titanium is an elemental metal that does not contain nickel, therefore preventing allergic reactions in the skin. It does not wear away or tarnish and does not react to any body chemistry. Titanium weighs like aluminum, but is as tough as steel, making it the perfect metal during the healing process.We provide a complimentary piece with each piercing.

Titanium Jewelry
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